Scan Gauge 2 -  AU Version - MORE 4x4
Scan Gauge 2 -  AU Version - MORE 4x4

Scan Gauge 2 - AU Version


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SCAN GAUGE 2 - Australian Version

  • Compatible with all OBDII protocols

  • More than 15 Built-in Digital Gauges

  • Check & Clear Trouble Codes

  • Multiple Trip Computers

  • X-Gauge programmable gauge system

  • Performance Monitor

Digital Gauges

Shows real time gauges to show you what’s happening with your engine and driveline. 

Scan Gauge 2 show you 4 gauges at once which will help you monitor current operating conditions in real time. 

You may even be able to reduce fuel consumption, we’ve found that;

  • Driving more efficiently with ScanGauge can save 20% up to 33%

  • Removing excess weight and drag can save 10% up to 17%

  • Simply observing the speed limit can save 8% up to 14%

  • Avoiding excessive Idling can save up to 2%

Other good stuff

Time and distance trip computer.

Fuel tank and trip calculator.

Engine scan tool

Easy to install

No batteries needed

Automatic calibration to suit your model

User friendly menu

Colour backlit display

Configurable units of measurement

Unit Dimensions 12.2 x 3.8 x 2.55 cm