OFFROAD ANIMAL - Predator Bar - To suit FORD Raptor Ranger

Offroad Animal would have to be one of the best looking bars on the market and it just so happens to have some of the best specs you'll find. 


Pros, not cons.  

  • Aggressive styling
  • Doesn't stick out a mile from the front of the ute, it's a smaller bar which means it weighs less so your Raptor Ranger can still be hectic fast. It only adds 26kg to your Raptor Ranger. 
  • Better airflow means it keeps your masculinity cooler than the rest.
  • Runva 11xp winch slides straight on in there. 
  • If you don't want a winch now, no probs, it's easy to pop one in there later. 
  • Winch mounts feet down, which is actually how most winches were designed to operate. 
  • A Stedi 21.5" single row LED lightbar slots right in there.  
  • Winch delete cover plate is included if you don't want to have the stealth light bar thing going on. 
  • Or bung another one on the optional top stealth hoop. 



  • ADR compliant - Who'd fit a non compliant bar to their vehicle?
  • Airbag compatible - No one needs a broken face. 
  • Bumper replacement, with no cutting required - neat
  • Optional top hoop - Stealth hoop which takes up to a 21.5" Stedi LED light bar.
  • Welded one piece bar with welded wing supports for super toughness, none of this bolt together stuff that isn't as strong.
  • Only sits 150-160mm out from front of grill, or 6-7 inches (in comparative man talk). Compare that to our standard 3 letter big end of town wankersors 
  • Zinc plated then powder coated Matte black - Who wants their bar rusting off?
  • Hi lift jacking points included - Yep most good bars have this these days. 
  • Works with factory fog lights or easily mount Stedi C4 series lights in the wing) or up to an 8" Stedi LED light bar in each wing.
  • Number plate flip included for those running a winch
  • Can be colour coded to vehicle - We do that locally.....
  • Works with factory tow points - for towing, not snatching. 
  • Heavy duty aluminium bash plates provided 5mm thick - I heard they use this stuff in Afghanistan??

While the bumper takes most single row led light bars (we suggest the Stedi ST3K 21.5in light barIf you don't want to run this light we supply a cover plate.


Stealth top hoop has same arrangement for led light bar, fitting most single row light bars, but we suggest the Stedi ST3K 21.5in

We have measured quite a few Raptor Rangers with this bull bar and on average you'll see your front suspension drop 2mm with the bar on, and up to 5mm when a winch is also added with lights. Bugger all

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