#MORE4x4Built - Weekend Warrior - Suits Nissan Y62 Patrol 2019+


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#MORE4x4Built - Suits Nissan Y62 Patrol 2019+ 

Bring yours or we'll source a vehicle for you from within our extensive network. 

We'll organise everything for you. 

This kit consists of 4 major components. The bullbar and lighting systems, wheels and tyres (including flares), exhaust and the suspension. 

Below is the list of all the components that have gone into the project. 

The front end consists of,
  • Offroad Animal Cobra bullbar without loops. 
  • Colour coding, multilayer and pearl paint included.
  • 3 x Stedi Type X Pro
  • 2 x Stedi Cube flood work lights with yellow covers for foggy conditions.
  • Stedi Nissan Patrol wiring harness
  • Stedi OE style lightbar switch mounted to the dash to the right hand side of the steering wheel.
  • Installation of bullbar, wiring of new fog lights, installation of Stedi spot lights and wiring harness. Route wiring harness to right hand side of dash. 
  • 50mm HBMC suspension lift which includes 
  • Front lower control arms to suit the weight of the bullbar or bullbar and winch.
  • Heavy duty rear coil springs, 3 coil rates available. 
  • Upgraded bump stops.
  • Blackhawk upper control arms.
  • Rear bush upgrade to allow us to correctly align the front and rear independent suspension systems.
  • Firestone H/D airbags with shrader valves to rear bumper for easy inflation. 
  • Installation of all of the above. 
  • Front and rear wheel alignment. 
Wheels and tyres;
  • 295/70R18 Maxxis AT811 Tyres x 5 of. These are an awesome tyre and a great natural upgrade to the Patrol. They're 5.2% larger in diameter than the standard tyre and legal under the national code of practice which states a maximum of 7% increase in tyre diameter. 
  • ROH Invader 18x9 30P offset wheels x 5 of. They will increase the track by 10mm over standard, well within the maximum track width allowable increase of 50mm.
  • MORE 4x4 slimline flares.
  • Colour coding, multilayer and pearl paint included.
  • Fitting of flares and balancing tyres.
Exhaust system
The kit includes freight, all fitting, consumables, freight and GST. 

We have Tracklander and Frontrunner roof rack solutions, winch and snorkel options which can be added to the project. Alternate wheel and tyres combinations can be customised to suit your needs. 

We're experts with lithium power systems, give us a tingle so we can talk through your requirements.

We cannot ship this kit, if you require a quote for shipping the components, please contact us. 

For further information, please call the office on (02) 9905 4764 and ask for Aaron Mitchell 

Kit includes fitting, wheel alignment, tyre fitting and GST but excludes freight, consumables and waste recycling. 

Price is from and represents your minimum investment, we will tailor the kit to suit your needs and this may change.