PDI - Front Mount Intercooler Kit - To suit Toyota Landcruiser PDI VDJ 76/78/79 Series

There should be no doubt that these kits are the best option if you are chasing performance gains as our kit is fitted to a VDJ76 pumping out 390rwhp.  Until we hear otherwise, thats the biggest numbers for a single turbo V8 cruiser on diesel.

On standard injectors a dual cab has made 216rwkw with the assistance of our PDI front mount.

If all you want is reduced EGT for highway driving we have a very satisfied customer reporting a drop from 330degC to 280degC when compared to the leading aftermarket top mounted intercooler.  Your engine will be more spritely due to the cooler intake temperatures.

We have the Mk2 kits ready to go with improved flow and ease of fitment.

High Performance Diesel Intercooler front mount.  These provide the best intercooling for both high load and low speed work. Option of either 65 or 76mm thick core.

Tests we've done have shown the drop in post intercooler intake air temperature was 3x greater with the PDI intercooler than the best of the aftermarket top mount options currently available.  The intake air temperatures were cooler at all speeds.


The factory placed the intercooler on the top of the engine since it met the low requirements they had to meet the standard power ratings on these engines. It also helped to keep production and assembly costs lower. It was not chosen as the most effective cooling solution.

We have installed a number of the PDI front mount kits with great results. When done on its own, the difference it makes to the performance is immediately detectable as the engine control system is adjusting performance based on inlet air temperature.  The cooler the weather the better your turbo engine performs and this is due to cooler intake temperatures.  Some customers have reported the PDI intercooler is the greatest mod they have done for both regular driving and or chasing all out power.

By placing the core at the front you get best cooling available.  We've never heard of a top mounted radiator and thats because the cold air isn't there.  Testing, performed on a VDJ70 series and tuned to around 150rwkw showed that (at full load) the factory top mount was able to cool the pressurised inlet air charge from around 180-190degC down to 88degC.  The leading aftermarket top mount intercooler, further brought this temp down to 75degC - a 15% drop in maximum temperature.  On the same vehicle, our PDI front mount was tested and the temperature reached a maximum of 47degC, which is a 46% drop in temperature, being over 3x more effective than the best aftermarket upgraded top mounted intercooler available. The benefit of front mounting is even greater when power is increased as the boost is higher, more heat is radiated from the engine and the heat required to be removed increases.

The intercooler core can be felt to be cool over a large percentage of the area for most driving. These also are the largest front mount kit option available with the tanks at the end to ensure more cooling fins are available and exposed to air flow through the grill.

Systems do not interfere with the airbag sensors at the front so these kits can be installed on current model 70 series. No cutting of the structure needs to be done. The grill, lower panel and possibly the bulbar will need to adjusted to make room.

The big decision here is whether to go for the 65mm core or the 76mm heavy duty option.  The space at the front has always been limited on the 70 series and a few things need to be moved around to allow fitment, so before ordering the 76mm core it is worth getting you tape measure out and deciding if the bulbar installed is going to allow enough room.  Approximately 80mm is required for installing the 76mm core and 70mm to install the 65mm core and generally we find there is enough room for the larger unit. We have found that the large core would not fit behind an ARB winch bar in one case and it needed to be trimmed.  In other installs the intercooler has just enough clearance.

Once installed it clears up the top of the engine bay making access once again possible, rather than compressing lines and making inspection of the top of the engine more difficult.  The EGR system remains unmodified and flow continues to be routed through the twin throttle bodies. We have seen the six cylinder turbo diesel put down over 220rwkw through a single 2" throttle body so maintaining the use of the twin 2.5" throttle bodies will not in any way limit the power potential.

Kit includes

- brackets for mounting the intercooler with additional bolts

- intercooler

- stainless 2.5" and 3" pipework

- heavy duty silicon elbows and joiners

- wiring extensions for sensor relocation.

- quality Breeze Aero clamps

- instruction guide.

To install you will need 

- normal spanners and sockets

- hammer and large adjustable spanner or bar to adjust support panel.

- metal snips or body saw for trimming lower panel.

- power tool to trim down the back of the grill for refitting.

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