PDI - Intercooler - To suit TOYOTA Landcruiser 70 Series (All models) VDJ76/78/79 - MORE 4x4
PDI - Intercooler - To suit TOYOTA Landcruiser 70 Series (All models) VDJ76/78/79 - MORE 4x4
PDI - Intercooler - To suit TOYOTA Landcruiser 70 Series (All models) VDJ76/78/79 - MORE 4x4

PDI - Intercooler - To suit TOYOTA Landcruiser 70 Series (All models) VDJ76/78/79 - Twin Entry


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Landcruiser VDJ 76/78/79 Series Front Mount Intercooler Kits - Standard Twin Entry Version

We are convinced our PDI Landcruiser VDJ79 Front mount intercooler is the best choice for those looking to make more power or want to help the engine maintain its power delivery when run under constant high load. Our Mk3 intercooler kit is fitted to a VDJ76 pumping out over 500rwhp.

  • Works with any bull-bar and winch installation no cutting like other models.
  • Has all of the core above the bumper and bull-bar for exposure to cool air.
  • Will not cause any overheating.

On standard injectors, a late model dual cab has made 220rwkw with the assistance of our PDI front mount. In a single quick run you can do that with other intercoolers but our kits have shown they can repeat this many times due to the superior heat dissipation.

If all you want is better towing performance or reduced EGT for highway driving we have a very satisfied customer reporting a drop from 330degC to 280degC when compared to the leading aftermarket top mounted intercooler.  Your engine will be more spirited due to the cooler intake temperatures.

The PDI Landcruiser VDJ79 Front mount intercooler provides the best intercooling for both high load and low speed work. The core sits close to the condenser which results in air being pulled through by the engines main cooling fan while working hard but while

Tests we've done have shown the drop in post intercooler intake air temperature was 3x greater with the PDI intercooler than the best of the aftermarket top mount options currently available.  The intake air temperatures were cooler at all speeds.

NOTE: Due to change in chassis on the latest revision of the single cab VDJ79 to get ANCAP rating we can only supply this kit in single entry design.

The single and dual entry kits use the same intercooler and same hot side piping to the turbo – only the cold side piping is different.  The factory setup has two throttle bodies facing left and right which go into the factory top mounted intercooler.

The dual entry option connect into both of these, but splits the outlet from the intercooler. The single entry removes the butterflies and the section they bolt to, which also has the feed from the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation emissions system) so the EGR input becomes blocked off with a plate.  For all 200 series and post 2013 VDJ79/76/78 the two throttle bodies must be plugged back in to prevent the engine throwing codes and de-rating the power. 

For early 70 series they can be left off the engine with an ECU reflash to clear the fault from them not being connected. We supply a bracket to mount the throttle bodies and hang either side of the single entry intake adapter.

Reason to go with the single entry kit

  • Chasing max responsiveness and have high flow turbos. The factory throttles are only fully open when your foot is flat to the floor. The rest of the time they are moving to assist with EGR flow.
  • Looking to have the neatest intercooler piping, with less connections.

 Reason to go dual entry:

  • Want to keep the EGR system connected to intake to meet emissions requirements.
  • Want to keep the butterflies (throttle valves) in the system to give smooth shut down, maintain factory setup and for those with auto transmission, maintain the ability to shut down the engine in case it ever starts to run on its own fumes (this is a low probability, but high risk outcome).