Off-Road Education



After sales support used to mean handing your keys over and helping you back out of the driveway and your warranty period usually ended when the foreman couldn’t see your taillights anymore.

We don’t work that way. In fact, we’re so willing to put our money where our mouth is, that not only will we help you design, build and maintain your vehicle, but we’ll take you out in the bush and teach about your pride and joy and how to use it, safely.



It’s not enough to just own a 4WD, understanding how it works and how to use it is paramount. When it comes to our in-house 4WD driver training, it doesn’t matter whether we built you a super-tourer, or just changed your oil filter, in fact it doesn’t matter if we’ve never touched your 4WD at all. Anyone is welcome to attend. Get the driving skills you need to keep your family safe and let us educate them to help you when it comes time for a tricky recovery or if they’re simply itching for a drive themselves. Unless you’re keen on becoming a 4WD meme, it’s a good idea to have your passenger on the same page when the going gets tough.

Chat with us about our industry standard training when you next call in.

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