The adventure doesn’t start when your tyres leave our workshop. It starts when they roll in the door.

The fun of designing a vehicle and the joy of watching it come together is as important as tackling Big Red in the Simpson or snapping a pic at the top of the Tele’ Track.

When it comes time to deliver on the design, we believe truth in transparency is the key to a stress-free process. We’ll never sell you on outright speed or the lowest price, only on our quality and support.

If a job is going to take longer, you’ll know. If there’s an unforeseen expense that we can’t absorb for you, you’ll know and when it comes time to hand your keys back, we want you as happy and excited as the day you drove in.

We’ve got more than half a century of experience building offroad vehicles, rigs that get you out there and back again. Let’s put that to experience to work for you.

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