Want to know a secret? There’s really no such thing as a ‘4WD expert’.
“But the loud sweaty man at the car audio shop that also sells BeejayFlem bullbars and JobFlame Tyres said he was Sydney’s leading 4WD Expert?”

Yes… Well. It’s a term used by accessory fitters, mechanics and salesman to tell you they know what you want better than you do. They’ll sell you on horror stories from forums rather than their experience and fact whilst slipping their fingers into your wallet with fantasies rather than guide you with reality.

The truth is this: every single accessory you put on your 4WD, from a winch to a locker or a water tank is a lifestyle choice and furthermore an investment in that lifestyle.

We’re in the 4WD lifestyle industry – simple as that. We’ve been to the places you’re planning to go, built the vehicles to get you home again and used all the gear you’re considering spending your money on – some of it was great, some was rubbish.

So when it’s time to build your weekend weapon, press GO on that dream super-tourer, or simply prepare your rig for this year’s Easter camping getaway, we’ve got your back and will guide you through the minefield.

Whether your next adventure is this weekend, or next dry season, if our lights are on, we’re here to chat. So call in.