Nissan Y62 Patrol Axle Loads and GVM Upgrades

Nissan Y62 Patrol Axle Loads and GVM Upgrades

Hey guys Aaron here from MORE 4x4.

I'm here with my mate Pancho and we're filming John's Adventure tourer  build and in the spur of the moment we came up with this idea to create a specific Y62 Nissan Patrol axle load video, just a video on axle loads, because we believe we can share some amazing knowledge and content with you but the video is only going to be available on YouTube so stay tuned for that, thanks so much.

As per the last adventure tourer build video you would have seen me nerd and geek out about compliance and that's where I really want to share and add value for you guys.

So with our Y62 Patrol GVM upgrade to 4.2 tons we've been having lots of questions about axle loads so I just want to share with you the differences between standard and the upgraded versions and this is why wheels are so important.

On the front axle from Nissan the maximum capacity is 1650 kilograms so with the gvm upgrade we increase that to 1750kg so you get a whole 100 kilograms extra capacity on the front axle. In this case for John it's probably not super important because he's only got a 60 kilo bar and a 28 kilo winch and probably an extra 10 kilos worth of extra gear so not super important for him but if you're going to run a full front of a bar from the Big Four and I'm not going to name them because I don't want to get myself into some kind of litigious situation, if you're running a big bar and some sidebars and steps and a winch and lights and UHF antenna then you may be getting into that zone where you start needing all of that capacity but for John it wasn't such a big deal.

Where the rear axle is concerned however the standard maximum axle load set by Nissan or the first stage manufacturer it's 1850 kilos, that's first stage. However the max axle load potential when an engineer gets involved is 2030kg, so you've got that extra capacity of 180 kilos on the rear axle that can be unlocked but there's other ramifications and Pancho and I are going to do a video about that soon. So with our Y62 GVM systems, we are able to increase the max axle load from 1850 kgs to 2550kg so it gives you a whole heap more capacity in the rear for us to do what we need to for the build, and, so you can you can achieve the goals you want to achieve. If you need to be towing a van or a horse float or a small house on wheels with 350 kilo ball load but you need more than that, there's no way you can build one of these vehicles and put 350 kilos on the ball and hope to chuck the family in and a full tank of fuel and the luggage and the baby and the pram and all that stuff it's just not possible.

Hey look if you think I'm wrong challenge me on it, please comment below if you think you've done it and I will eat my words every day of the week and Pancho's not going to cut that out.

Johns Adventure Tourer build video is being released on the 26th of June and that's only available on our Youtube Channel so you'll just have to wait for that to be released.

In the meantime, check our Gregs Y62 Patrol Adventure Tourer build.



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