Legality of Long Range Fuel Tanks!

Legality of Long Range Fuel Tanks!

Long-range fuel tanks are larger fuel tanks that can be installed in vehicles to increase the driving range between refueling stops. They are designed to hold more fuel than the standard fuel tank that comes with the vehicle, allowing the driver to travel longer distances without having to refuel.

In Australia, the installation of long-range fuel tanks is legal as long as it is done in compliance with the regulations set out in VSB 14 (Vehicle Standards Bulletin 14). VSB 14 sets out the requirements for the installation of aftermarket fuel systems in vehicles, including long-range fuel tanks, to ensure that they meet certain safety and performance standards.

The installation of a long-range fuel tank is considered a "major modification" under VSB 14, which means that it requires certification under the Vehicle Safety Certification System (VSCCS) scheme in Australia. The VSCCS is a national certification scheme that ensures that aftermarket modifications to vehicles meet specific safety and environmental requirements.

Certification under the VSCCS scheme involves an assessment of the proposed modification to ensure that it meets the relevant safety and environmental standards. Failure to comply with the requirements of VSB 14 and the VSCCS scheme can result in fines and legal penalties.

Therefore, it is important to consult with a certified engineer or certifier before installing a long-range fuel tank in your vehicle to ensure that it is compliant with the relevant regulations and standards.

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