Cheap Imported Chinese Products

This is my first ever blog so I'm nervous about it.

We're seeing an huge increase of cheaper Chinese 4wd accessories and products flooding the market and we're concerned about it, for the your sake and the industry as a whole.

Whilst there are importers who are dedicated to delivering a quality products and who are happy to spend time, effort and money perfecting their products we are seeing the majority of these importers simply buying from third party manufacturers or wholesalers based on price or quick delivery times then offering them to the market. There are numerous mass trade type websites that anyone can buy from with little or no experience.

Take the recent case of the recall of vehicle recovery straps or "snatch straps" by the company Tigerz11, Express Publications, 4wd Supacentre (that can be found here as a good example.

This company has a history of supplying suspect equipment, more evidence on this particular company can be found here ---> or here


It's not just related to this company, I was astounded to find other companies are having the same trouble with the humble and unassuming (but terribly dangerous if not used properly) hi-lift jack, a basic tool of most 4wd enthusiasts.

Just in case you've never seen one ---> 

Check out the list below of retailers/resellers/importers of hi-lift jacks who have products affected by current recalls.


Some of these seller appear to have removed the products from sale but you make up your mind, recalled on the 15th of May 2015, not even 2 months ago, I just found the product still for sale on their ebay page......

I want to stop short of this sounding like a rant so I'll finish up with this thought,

Buy from your local 4wd store, someone who you can build a relationship with based on trust and transparency and steer clear of shonky sellers who sell their kit for cheap prices, do your research and seek out reviews and feedback from other user and you're less likely to get burnt by dodgy operators.

Aaron Mitchell


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  • Alex

    Please add SHERPA/ Scintex to your list if shit and where to stay away from if you don’t want to waste good money. Absolutely terrible

  • David

    Stay away from Sunyee international products. Absolute rubbish and in some cases dangerous.

  • Jack Newman

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  • Dirk Nielsen

    Places like ARB, TJM and others… Have put an premium on products that are only slightly better, yes sure they are known for lasting but for the price of these Chinese ones, such as led bars, you can buy two or three of these crap quality ones for the price of one “premium”, in this case the benefit of the premium quality is outweighed because by the time the arb one fails you will have at least one more to replace a broken cheap Chinese one.

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