Snorkel - WK2 Grand Cherokee - Murchison Products

Murchison Products - Snorkel - Grand Cherokee WK2 2011-2018

Designed, refined, and manufactured here in Brisbane, Australia by Murchison Products, the Murchison WK2 Snorkel provides that all important air-flow for water crossings and cool air for when you're driving in the heat.

The Murchison WK2 Snorkel come as a complete kit ready for install and includes a template for the hole cut on the guard. We have drawn heavily on a design focus with this snorkel to compliment the shape and lines of the WK2, and not distort it, all the while maintaining a high level of airflow and compatibility. Final fitment inside the engine bay is factory like in appearance. The Snorkel body comes with a raised Murchison Products Logo moulded onto the side.

Murchison Products are proud to be supporting local manufacturing with this project which keeps jobs right here in Australia, and also creates opportunities for us to develop future products for the WK2 Grand Cherokee, JK Wrangler, JL Wrangler and more.

What's in the box

1 x Murchison WK2 Snorkel Body
1 x Murchison Air Box Connector
1 x 1.25m 3” Flexy Hose
1 x Body Cutting Template
2 x M5x8 Hex Head Bolts (attached to snorkel body)
2 x 10mm Washers (attached to snorkel body)
1 x fitting kit, containing:
 - 2 x 3'' Hose Clamps
 - 1 x Powder coat black window frame ‘Z Bracket’
 - 5 x M5x16 Hex Head Bolts
 - 5 x 15mm Washers
 - 2 x 40mm Pop Rivets
 - 2 x 30mm Pop Rivets


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