DRIVETECH 4x4 - Fuel Manager - Pre-filter kit to suit Toyota Hilux 2015+ - MORE 4x4

DRIVETECH 4x4 - Fuel Manager - Pre-filter kit to suit Toyota Hilux 2015+

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Fuel Manager - Pre Filter Kit - To suit Toyota Hilux GUN Series 2015+

Whether you’re driving in the city or across the Nullabor, the Australian climate can be harsh on our finely tuned diesel engines. 4x4 Fuel Manager_ insurance for your fuel system_4.jpg

Designed by diesel fuel injection manufacturers as a pre-filter to the original equipment filter, Drivetech 4x4 Diesel Pre Filter protects vital diesel injection components from water, humidity, acids and other contaminants before damage occurs. 

These kits are easily installed in your engine bay without having to modify any existing vehicle components. With multiple inlet and outlet ports, this dynamic design allows flexibility during installation.

Here are some fast facts you might like to know: 

  • The long life filter media is heat and chemically treated for maximum durability and acid resistance
  • There is no need for filter tools as all components are tightened and removed by hand
  • Easy view, see through polycarbonate drain bowl
  • Multi-port head allowing mounting in any place and in any configuration
  • Suits all diesel engines from 50 to 350 horse power (37 to 261 kW) with a maximum fuel operating pressure of 60 p.s.i.